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Maxwell formula then tested marinenet.usmc.mil  experimentally by Henri Hertz (1884), which followed Gluglielmo Marconi in 1894 to realize the invention of the radio towards a more perfect, namely the discovery in 1895 that can receive signs without wires within one (1) mile from the source, and in 1896 the distance to 8 (eight) mil.Klimaksnya, according to William Albig in the book Modern Public Opinion, describes ways of sending signs that do Marconi wire has crossed the Atlantic Ocean on 1901.Kemudian Lee De Forest develop the invention, by introducing light vacuum (vacuum tube) that allows sound to be broadcast (1906).

Admirable effort comes from David Sarnoff in 1916 with the memo Radio Music Box, on the proposal for a radio receiver so that the mass-produced music broadcasts can be enjoyed by people banyak.Dengan so, the term radio broadcast (Broadcasting) who first introduced it was David Sarnoff.
Stepping on a regular basis in 1919, Frank Conrad has an idea to broadcast music and a number of products from a department store in Pittsburgh, USA Serikat.Pada 2 November 1920 KDKA Radio Station broadcast the US presidential election activity, which is considered as the first news broadcast widely in the society.

C. History and Development of Television in Indonesia
Broadcast television in Indonesia began in 1962.Meskipun only black and white television broadcasts, but first broadcast was a very bersejarah.Booming momentum started when RCTI television began broadcasting with the help of the decoder.
Based thinking into the future and the ability of the medium of television, Indonesian Information Minister at the time, R.Maladi, propose to the government to hold early stage televisi.Untuk media tv media used to broadcast the organization of the Asian Games IV, which will be opened by President Soekarno on August 24 this 1962.Usul obtain the support of the president with the decision to include the procurement of television media in the Command Affairs AG (KUPAG) led by General TNI Prayogi.KUPAG when it was carrying out the construction of facilities and infrastructure Senayan Sports Complex, where will held the Asian Games IV.
Following up the government's decision, the Minister of Information teacherease  Maladi issued Decree No.20 / SK / M / 1961, dated 25 Juli1961 about the formation of the preparatory committee for television (P2TV) is issued on July 25, 1961 but retroactive July 1 P2TV 1961.Rapat first took place in Cipayung on July 16, 1961.
P2TV plan infrastructure and built several locations where the TV station .Pilihan its final location in the Academy Building Illumination development plan in Senayan (TVRI current location) .Pendirian transmitter is set in the complex will be built studio that former Academy Building Penerangan.Sarana which is used for reporting the Asian Games IV is out-side broadcasting vans (OB-VAN) that are mobile and easily removable. (Four Windu TVRI, 1994: 95-96).
On July 8, 1976 was launched from Cape Kennedy USA Palapa (SKSD) satellite communication system domestic.Kemudian on August 16, 1976 President Soeharto inaugurated Palapa satellite development for telecommunications purposes and televsi.